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Order Arimidex Online no Prescription


Generic Arimidex is brand name for anastrozole, an oral antiestrogen. Generic Arimidex inhibits the enzyme aromatase in the adrenal glands that produces the estrogens (estradiol and estrone) and thereby lowers their levels.

Generic name of Generic Arimidex is Anastrozole.

Brand name of Generic Arimidex is Arimidex.


Generic Arimidex is available in:

1mg Standard Dosage

This medicine may be taken on an empty stomach or with food. Take this by mouth exactly as directed usually once a day.

This is a potent medication. Do not increase your dose, or take this more often than directed.

If you want to achieve most effective results do not stop taking Generic Arimidex suddenly.

Missing of dose

Do not take double dose. If you miss a dose you should take it as soon as you remember about your missing. If it is the time for the next dose you should continue your regular dosing schedule.


If you overdose Generic Arimidex and you don't feel good you should visit your doctor or health care provider immediately.

Side effects

Generic Arimidex has its side effects. The most common are:

weaknessnauseaheadachehot flashespainvomitingcoughdiarrhea

Less common but more serious side effects during taking Generic Arimidex: allergy reactions (urticaria, breathing difficulties, rash, and eruption)

Side effects manifestations are not only depend on medicine you are taking but also depend on your health state and on the other factors.


Do not take Generic Arimidex if you are allergic to Generic Arimidex components.

This medicine has been shown to cause harm to the human fetus. It is unknown if this drug is excreted in breast milk.

Use a non-hormonal method of birth control if you are a woman capable of becoming pregnant.

Avoid alcohol.

Avoid machine driving.

Do not stop taking Generic Arimidex suddenly.

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